Definition of portrayal in English:



  • 1A depiction of someone or something in a work of art or literature; a picture.

    ‘a realistic portrayal of war’
    • ‘Thus, the portrayal of the story became the most important aspect.’
    • ‘The book is an amusing and evocative portrayal of his journey and his encounters with Indian babudom and other normal Indians on the way.’
    • ‘The $25,000 award and specially designed National Portrait Gallery medal honor individual excellence in presidential service and portrayal.’
    • ‘The author also portrays Margaret's husband John not as the militant Protestant of some portrayals, but very supportive of his wife.’
    • ‘Studies of the portrayal of accountants and accounting in novels, movies, humour and satire, have already commenced.’
    • ‘Many critics have lambasted the female characters in his plays as two-dimensional and unrealistic portrayals of subservient women.’
    • ‘By combining complementary archeological, historical and ethnographic information, the author is, nevertheless, able to give a convincing portrayal of prehispanic Philippine chiefdoms.’
    • ‘Best known for his controversial portrayal of the Kennedys, he had later in his career earned fame for a different subject.’
    • ‘Howe, though, went on to criticize both James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison for their evasive portrayal of Negro life.’
    • ‘"Growth of the Soil" is an Old Testament-style portrayal of stolid mountain dwellers.’
    • ‘Just as predictably, their basis for that outrage is a highly dishonest portrayal of what Forrest writes.’
    • ‘The exhibition also contains some satirical portrayals of the British elite, which benefited from the salve trade, for example, Sir Foster Cunliffe by Yinka Shonibare of the U. K.’
    • ‘The Greek middle classes fare not much better in Tsiolkas's simplistic, one-dimensional portrayal.’
    • ‘The authors discuss Ngugi's Marxist approach as it informs his portrayal of the postcolony (elitism, class formation, corruption).’
    • ‘The Roosevelt Myth is a devastating portrayal of FDR.’
    • ‘She has created books that provide true and positive portrayals of Black historical figures, heritage, and experiences.’
    • ‘This book is a powerful portrayal of today's inner-city youth.’
    painting, picture, drawing, portrait, sketch, representation, depiction, study, rendering, artist's impression
    representation, characterization, depiction, description, delineation, presentation, study, evocation
    performance as, acting, playing, enacting, representation, interpretation
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    1. 1.1 A description of someone or something in a particular way; a representation.
      ‘the media portrayal of immigration’
      • ‘The staff called Cheshire to complain because of the film's portrayal of President Bush.’
      • ‘Corporate sinners are seen as "safe" villains because their negative portrayal will not lead to significant minority group outrage.’
      • ‘I just don't see how denying that kind of portrayal can be anything other than a moral comment on homosexuality.’
      • ‘Made in 1969, its portrayal of the Korean war was a thinly disguised reference to the contemporaneous conflict in Vietnam.’
      • ‘Without a doubt, Boys Don't Cry is the most devastating portrayal of violence done to women I have ever seen in a film.’
      • ‘However, it is extremely rare to encounter a genuine crazy hollering his or her sickness over the rooftops - despite what popular portrayal may suggest.’
      • ‘Other portrayals were more careful to attribute the whipping to judicial sentencing by a court, or just punishment for running away.’
      • ‘It makes television not only good television but it makes their portrayals more honest and real.’
      • ‘Commercial portrayals of happy couples " present a pastoral utopia in which all rivals have been ruthlessly liquidated through a type of aesthetic genocide ".’
      • ‘This was known as the ' Jim Crow ' system, named after earlier caricature portrayals of blacks.’
      • ‘Figure 5 is a portrayal of what we think is occurring.’
      • ‘What they usually do, however, is to sterilise debate with caricatured portrayals of evil, money-obsessed capitalists.’
      • ‘Put simply, the David against Goliath scenario does not necessarily represent an accurate portrayal of the real conflict.’
      • ‘A portrayal of modern American history as one vast and unending reactionary saga would be caricature of reality.’
      • ‘Individuals and organizations like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have made much of the lack of positive portrayals of gays in media.’
      • ‘However, I would suggest you have some misconceived conceptions about the gentility of World War II, or certainly its portrayal to the public.’
      • ‘Stories of vengeance and realistic portrayals of contemporary life came into fashion around this time.’
      • ‘To be sure, the Jews in the movie (ie, pretty much everyone who ever appears on screen) receive a mostly even-handed portrayal.’
      • ‘In its portrayal of human relationships, it is in a league of its own.’
      • ‘I had to cast aside my objections to the portrayal of some stereotypes.’
    2. 1.2 An instance of an actor playing a part in a film or play; a performance.
      ‘his portrayal of the title character’
      • ‘Jones provides a trenchant portrayal of a boy in desperate pursuit of his dreams.’
      • ‘The film was a close portrayal of the rise and fall of the stock market gangsters and insider dealers of the time.’
      • ‘Cruise's cool detachment as he watches a killing that will happen really adds to the genuine feeling of his portrayal.’
      • ‘But the real star was José van Dam as Hans Sach, whose singing was always impressive and his portrayal dignified.’
      • ‘This is the best way I can praise this lady for a super portrayal.’
      • ‘I know it isn't politically correct, but I was impressed at the convincing portrayal.’
      • ‘Fans of Jude Law will not be disappointed, as his vivid portrayal of a unique character is memorable.’
      • ‘A little more delineation between the two sides of the character would have further advanced what was a fair portrayal.’
      • ‘Dench has been nominated for a best actress Oscar for her portrayal of British novelist Iris Murdoch's decline into Alzheimer's disease in the movie Iris.’
      • ‘In the title role, Campbell Scott gives a wonderfully compelling portrayal.’
      • ‘Michael Schultz showed less refinement in his portrayal of William.’
      • ‘William Shatner won for his portrayal of Denny Crane in Boston Legal.’
      • ‘The portrayal of the characters was good I thought.’
      • ‘However, it was Hope Brown's portrayal of the serial killer Lucius that dominated the proceedings.’
      • ‘Brown is a wonderful actor who has to fill some big shoes, and his portrayal of Viktor is both sympathetic and touching.’
      • ‘His portrayal of a tortured child, brutally beaten into adult villainy gives depth to what is otherwise just your average mad, evil, genius hell-bent on destroying Earth.’
      • ‘For years George Cole has delighted TV and film audiences with his portrayal of cheeky conmen.’
      • ‘Audiences are delighted by her portrayal of Brooks' crochety attitude.’
      • ‘The book has been inspiration for both Cavanagh's production and Dibblee's portrayal.’
      • ‘What saves the film, without doubt, is Ben Kingsley's portrayal of Fagin, which is brilliant.’
      • ‘He was best known for his portrayal of fatherly roles in many TV dramas.’
      • ‘Surprisingly, Paul Kaye as the erstwhile burglar Mike, give a relaxed and convincing portrayal of a working class intellectual.’