Definition of portliness in English:



  • See portly

    • ‘Anxious that Francesca will find his portliness unattractive, Papprizio begs Casanova to transform him.’
    • ‘In June a House subcommittee held hearings on the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act, which would prevent fat people from winning damages by blaming restaurants, food manufacturers, or retailers for their portliness.’
    • ‘The gentleman had had a propensity to a degree of portliness of late, but his tummy visibly trimmed as the canvass progressed, and he admitted to be wearing slacks into which he hadn't fitted for years.’
    • ‘Wrinkles creased his eyes, giving him the look of a man who knew how and when to laugh, and that, coupled with his slight portliness, gave him an air of jocularity in most circumstances.’
    • ‘The portliness came from all the beer he drank and the lonely nights of McDonald's.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when only the super-rich could afford to eat plenty, making portliness a sign of high social standing.’
    • ‘Not even the bumbling bloated brilliance of Johnson - or his counterpart in portliness, the hilarious Harvey B. Dunn - can save this film from itself.’
    • ‘More damningly, faster editing and increasingly artful camera angles have long been required to disguise Seagal's escalating portliness.’