Definition of porthole in English:



  • 1A small window on the outside of a ship or aircraft.

    • ‘Sitting on the hill overlooking the marina, you can enjoy your favourite pint surrounded by model ships and old nautical prints, and watch the boats through a porthole window.’
    • ‘Indeed, outside the starboard porthole I saw a large fish, apparently captive, violently trying to disengage itself and in the process tearing some of the skin and flesh of its back.’
    • ‘It was tiny, there was only a bed and a porthole to look outside the ship.’
    • ‘From my porthole window, I gazed in awe at the stunning contrast of the shining snowcapped Chugach Mountains against the blueness of the Gulf of Alaska.’
    • ‘Crossing the deck and looking over the side, you'll see a line of portholes just below deck level.’
    • ‘The cabin has two portholes with windows made of six-inch thick plexi-glass.’
    • ‘Derryn looked out the porthole of the ship's cabin: dark, except for the starlight that reflected off of the sea's gentle waves.’
    • ‘A window cut into a hedge is like a porthole in the hull of a ship, a delightful surprise that relieves the cabin's potential for claustrophobia.’
    • ‘The style is of a luxury cruiser, with round windows looking like portholes and the gleaming white exterior the hull of a ship.’
    • ‘The angry water rushed by outside the portholes, surging up on deck.’
    • ‘She could see the moonlit water outside her porthole and hear the footsteps and orders called on the deck as the ship was preparing to set sail.’
    • ‘During close-up shots, the frame begins to shift, tilting ever so slightly up and down, just like the image one might see out of a porthole on a cruise ship.’
    • ‘Several small structures up top were also tiled and without windows or portholes.’
    • ‘Behind the forward capstan, the wreck becomes an unidentifiable mess but it can be seen that the superstructure had rounded windows rather than portholes.’
    • ‘As he stood there, up to his knees in sawdust, and surrounded by portholes and brass ship fittings, we asked about good wreck dives in the area.’
    • ‘Only the front half of the restaurant jutted out like the bow of a ship, the rest was of a normal shape, though planked with wood and having portholes instead of windows.’
    • ‘Outside cabins will either have a porthole or picture window depending on ship and/or position on ship.’
    • ‘But the biggest clue was that this ship had square portholes in one section, instead of round.’
    • ‘I got a fitful two hours of sleep, tried to read and write, and at the first breath of light outside the portholes, went up on deck to watch the sun rise.’
    • ‘The wind was fierce as it howled out side of the porthole window.’
  • 2historical An opening for firing a cannon through.

    • ‘From the early 1770s emigration brokers also began to respond to concerns about ventilation by including more and larger portholes in the designs of their newer vessels.’
    • ‘Like the stern accommodation, the ceilings have gone but the walls are partially intact, with circular openings left where portholes have been removed.’
    • ‘The material reported ranges from the obligatory porthole to cannon and shot, several pieces of eight and a Charles I gold coin.’
    aperture, opening, outlet, inlet, socket, vent, passage, trap, embrasure, door, gate
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