Definition of portfolio in English:



  • 1A large, thin, flat case for loose sheets of paper such as drawings or maps.

    ‘under his arm he carried a large portfolio of drawings’
    • ‘Are such competitions, and paper portfolios in general, worth the trouble?’
    • ‘She puts several papers in a portfolio, throws her purse over her shoulder, and walks to the door.’
    • ‘He snatched up his jacket and the leather portfolio.’
    • ‘From her portfolio she pulled an envelope and handed it to him.’
    • ‘In 15th-century collections, mostly on paper in portfolios, religious and profane elements intermingle.’
    • ‘All work is done on drawing paper that fits neatly inside each student's portfolio.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ he said, taking the drawings and putting them into his portfolio.’
    • ‘Jen laughed and pulled out a tape from the portfolio bag she was carrying.’
    • ‘Leave your briefcase at home and prove your fashion sense with one of these workbags, from messenger bags to portfolios.’
    • ‘His fingers lost their iron grip, and the portfolio with the drawing paper fell to the ground, with my portrait landing at my feet.’
    • ‘He also inadvertently took copies of actual classified documents in a leather portfolio, they said.’
    • ‘Aubrey placed the drawing back into his portfolio; taking care to put it in a special folder, separate from his normal drawings.’
    • ‘Some will be held up, magnified and singled out for attention later while others will line binders, file drawers, photoboxes, portfolios and remain hidden away.’
    • ‘They all carried various kinds of large portfolios and book bags.’
    • ‘I took my favorite drawings out of the portfolio and hung them as well.’
    • ‘Then she started picking up folders, portfolios, drawings, papers, everything important that she could find and locked it in her cabinet.’
    • ‘She stuffed all the other papers back into the portfolio, and walked out of the office, only to forget to close the doors behind her.’
    • ‘Mohammed grabbed the portfolio, taking out a few packets of paper.’
    • ‘Our drawing is inside the portfolio he is holding in his arms.’
    • ‘The bell rang for class change and I got up from the table, placing my work in my portfolio and carrying it with me out into the crowded hallway again.’
    file, binder, ring binder, portfolio, document case
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    1. 1.1A set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person's ability to a potential employer.
      ‘she had a portfolio of crayon portraits’
      • ‘Sculptor Charles Long showed a wonderful portfolio of Iris prints that seemed to replicate a notebook.’
      • ‘The best piece in her portfolio was a packaging program for an imaginary cd release: packaging, advertising, posters.’
      • ‘His business portfolio is well documented and the fact that he isn't tied to a 9 to 5 routine greatly enhances his ability to take on a job that will entail long trips from Kerry to Westmeath.’
      • ‘Next, she had to supply a CV and a portfolio of work containing before-and-after pictures of various nail techniques.’
      • ‘Since earning her graduate degree from Yale only two years ago, Katy Grannan has compiled an impressive portfolio of portraits.’
      • ‘In the midst of this fabulous display the patron and other gentlemen examine a portfolio while a young art student draws from the assembled works.’
      • ‘He carries a large portfolio, apparently filled with images and evidence of his appointment, during this period, as an historian of art.’
      • ‘We talked about her work, about sculpture, and leafed through her portfolio.’
      • ‘They had heard stories of how the feisty old lady used to attack photographers, clobbering them with her heavy portfolio of art or chasing them for half a block down the street.’
      • ‘Derek received his certificate after submitting a portfolio of images demonstrating his unique style of portrait and wedding photography.’
      • ‘In general, portfolios contain two types of information: activities/achievement and evidence for reflection.’
      • ‘He decided to publish a book of his various works after assembling a portfolio that spans several decades and several coasts.’
      • ‘A professional art consultant should have brochures, a portfolio of completed jobs and a client list.’
      • ‘Part of their course work involves creating actual marketing pieces for their portfolios.’
      • ‘When we first asked him what he was capable of for political satire, he sent us the piece below as his portfolio.’
      • ‘Gary Engle, a self-taught artist, explains that the heart of his portfolio consists of images of nature that lean toward abstract expressionism.’
      • ‘For individuals interested in the creative side of advertising, having a portfolio of work that reflects your creative thinking ability is a must.’
      • ‘He receives 5,000 portfolios from artists each year, and, after reviewing them, he may end up visiting only 50.’
      • ‘He didn't keep me waiting and he sat with me for a long time, looking through my portfolio, reading my statement, asking me questions.’
      • ‘I've walked into a variety of galleries with my portfolio and asked them to give me two minutes of time.’
    2. 1.2A varied set of photographs of a model or actor intended to be shown to a potential employer.
      ‘entrants must not have done any professional modelling or have an existing portfolio’
      • ‘All his memories remain razor sharp thanks to his portfolio of photographs.’
      • ‘Among her portfolio of winning photographs were shots taken in York at the Station Road War Memorial and at Knavesmire during the floods of 2000.’
      • ‘She came back with a wonderful portfolio of photographs, I mean really gorgeous things, and it was just too good an opportunity to pass up.’
      • ‘The payoff for designers is public exposure, beautiful photographs for a portfolio, and the opportunity to spread their creative wings.’
      • ‘She has worked energetically on her own portfolio of photography, sculpture, installation art and film.’
      • ‘Their evident power and liking for sharp foreign suits even earned them a place in the portfolio of photographer David Bailey.’
      • ‘She had just had a portfolio of modelling photographs taken and was waiting to hear from an agency in Liverpool.’
      • ‘This portfolio of photographs gives a quick sketch of Bangladesh and those trying to bring power to the people.’
      • ‘Mark then started hiring models from agencies to photograph for his own portfolio.’
      • ‘Usually, Sunder does the portfolio for models.’
      • ‘Even when someone suggested that he gets a portfolio done for modelling, he was too hesitant to ask his father.’
      • ‘They said if I wanted to try photographing people some more, they would look at my portfolio again.’
      • ‘Torbjørn Rødland is a video and still photography artist with quite an interesting portfolio.’
      • ‘This caters, among other things, to people who want ‘marriage proposal’ photos and models who want their portfolios done.’
      • ‘Sivaram, for whom photography is a hobby, selected river related photographs from his portfolio.’
      • ‘Taiwan is a very attractive place to acquire models to complete our portfolio.’
      • ‘The others are more general, and all of them are interspersed with portfolios of photographs by various photographers.’
      • ‘The photography portfolio of my exceptionally talented and lovely friend Jeanna Nash.’
      • ‘Is it a photograph that will go in my street photography portfolio and likely be displayed in my next exhibition.’
      • ‘We pay for our own photographs for our portfolios, and then for the hours and hours we need to be just available.’
  • 2A range of investments held by a person or organization.

    ‘a portfolio of insured municipal securities’
    • ‘Diversification eliminates much unnecessary risk within an investment portfolio or strategy.’
    • ‘The rule sounded like a great idea a few years ago, when investment portfolios delivered double-digit annual returns.’
    • ‘If you are in the process of buying the roof over your head, then it forms part of your investment portfolio.’
    • ‘If, on the other hand, the taxpayer has experienced a net realized gain, they should review their portfolio for any investments with unrealized losses.’
    • ‘The technique remains a primary tool for making investment decisions and managing portfolios.’
    • ‘Holding foreign investments inside your portfolio is great, but there may be some tax consequences lurking in the background that you are unaware of.’
    • ‘Dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs, allow investors to build investment portfolios by reinvesting dividends into more shares.’
    • ‘Residents are also less able to diversify their investment portfolios internationally or to make use of exchange rate futures and swap markets.’
    • ‘These college savings plans allow you to invest in a portfolio of mutual funds on behalf of a child, grandchild or other beneficiary.’
    • ‘To be sure, much global finance reflects growing investment portfolios, some doubtless with a speculative component.’
    • ‘Therefore, we should be reviewing our investment portfolio regularly regardless of the time of year.’
    • ‘Even so, direct investment into a portfolio of shares, bonds and cash spread in the manner described above would be administratively burdensome.’
    • ‘We'll let you decide whether this type of investment suits your portfolio needs.’
    • ‘I used to have a fair portion of my investment portfolio allocated to bonds.’
    • ‘In fact we should review our investment portfolios regularly, and be prepared to weed out any share that could look outlandishly expensive.’
    • ‘While anyone can make money when markets rise, it takes considerable skill to minimise the damage to investment portfolios when markets fall.’
    • ‘Like most stock investments, the age-based portfolios have been hammered this year, but some fared better than others.’
    • ‘Sometimes investors may even add rare coins, art, real estate and other off-the-beaten-track investments to their portfolios.’
    • ‘Having gold inside their investment portfolios has given these investors a feeling of security and comfort, and who would argue with that?’
    • ‘Whether gold deserves to be included in an investment portfolio is an interesting question.’
    investments, shares, holdings, securities, equities, bonds
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    1. 2.1A range of products or services offered by an organization.
      ‘an unrivalled portfolio of quality brands’
      • ‘Well the company has woken up to the fact that if there are going to thrive on a smaller number of people producing more products then we must be able to offer a portfolio of skills and be flexible.’
      • ‘These offers, along with our technically sound product portfolio, a deep bench of people, and value-added service, will be our fundamentals.’
      • ‘Organising talent, keeping their portfolios and hiring out services to television companies and advertising agencies can be a lucrative business.’
      • ‘When one starts looking at the implications of a diversified portfolio of services, as is the case for most transport operators, we talk of economies of scope.’
      • ‘Ultimately, companies wishing to instill more discipline in the R&D process are out to rationalize their product portfolios.’
      • ‘Now the firm has warned profit margins would remain under pressure until its product portfolio was stronger.’
      • ‘Brand loyalty at the high end of the vehicle market is quite strong, and several luxury brands have developed product portfolios that appeal to a wide range of shoppers.’
      • ‘I liaise with end-users, resellers and partners to see how we can improve our portfolio of products and services.’
      • ‘It would not be possible, said opponents of the proposal, to combine a vast range of products and services, including the portfolios of companies previously acquired.’
      • ‘The group's objective is simple: to offer a portfolio of services that will have a significant impact on the communities in which they operate.’
      • ‘He added that the assurance that the enlarged portfolio of products and services and access to a broader target market base will offer growth opportunities to all investors.’
      • ‘And, we have a common commitment to deliver integrated solutions, open systems and architecture, and the broadest portfolio of products and services.’
      • ‘Structure, process and outcomes together should define the portfolio of clinical services offered in teaching hospitals.’
      • ‘Irish organisations look for a broad portfolio of business products.’
      • ‘As dairy processors expand their product and package portfolios to offer consumers more variety, the up-side potential may become even greater.’
      • ‘This, he says, will be achieved by offering innovative and differentiated service portfolios and increasing emphasis on customer care and support.’
      • ‘I would like to see us become even bigger in the future, and I see us growing and being able to offer a much wider portfolio of health products in the next few years.’
      • ‘Our objective is to pay cash for the right portfolio and then offer it for sale on a retail, regional basis.’
      • ‘As Young explained: ‘We're always looking for opportunities to add a brand name to our portfolio.’’
      • ‘Knowledge of halo effects is crucial in determining how to allocate advertising funds across a portfolio of products.’
  • 3[as modifier] Denoting or engaged in an employment pattern which involves a succession of short-term contracts and part-time work, rather than the more traditional model of a single job for life.

    ‘portfolio careers allow women to balance work with family’
    • ‘‘These people who write about portfolio work like John Gray are portfolio workers themselves and they are writing about their own lives,’ he said.’
    • ‘Other items for future discussion include temporary additional notional half days and accommodation of portfolio careers, including the ability to work flexibly.’
    • ‘Many doctors have portfolio careers - for example, having a post in general practice and in a hospital.’
    • ‘In the era of downsizing and portfolio careers, work no longer provides a secure economic or social identity.’
    • ‘The other term I coined a few years ago was portfolio career - portfolio jobs and portfolio workers - and that seems to have become accepted as a respectable thing to be.’
    • ‘The people who have got portfolio careers that I know, more often are women than men.’
  • 4The position and duties of a Minister or Secretary of State.

    ‘he took on the Foreign Affairs portfolio’
    • ‘However, he has been retained as a Cabinet minister without a portfolio.’
    • ‘The portfolio needs a Minister who will listen, who will talk straight, and who will not try to pull the wool over anybody's eyes.’
    • ‘He began as treasurer in 1960 while still playing and later added the job of secretary to his portfolio.’
    • ‘The consensus was reflected in a report of a cabinet committee, comprising six ministers with major portfolios, set up in 1958 to review Land Commission policy.’
    • ‘Timbul was given a position without a portfolio as an expert staff assigned to the minister.’
    • ‘Some of those payments were considered to be illegal, and after all that, having said he had done nothing wrong, 6 days later he resigned from the portfolio of Minister of Tourism.’
    • ‘I know I would want it spent on special education more than anything else, if I were thinking in my own portfolio as Associate Minister of Education.’
    • ‘So, I guess it's true to say that if the lines of communication are open, then that's a positive outcome from the change of ministerial portfolios.’
    • ‘If one listens carefully to the exact wording of that Minister's last two answers, one can only conclude that he is reading directly from the Minister of Police's portfolios.’
    • ‘It is the one portfolio that means a Minister is out of the country all the time.’
    • ‘All the evidence, though, shows that he is the most divisive and untrustworthy minister the portfolio has had for as long as most of us can remember.’
    • ‘The rest got a few token Secretary of State portfolios.’
    • ‘This Minister might have his portfolio back, but he is certainly on a very short leash.’
    • ‘At the time he was State Department Deputy Secretary with the portfolio in WMD and Nuclear Proliferation.’
    • ‘He would like an economic portfolio or even the position of minister for education.’
    • ‘From the late 1750s dukes and peers were found holding ministerial portfolios alongside the professionals of the robe.’
    • ‘Some Cabinet ministers whose portfolios are related to the forum's subject did not attend the meeting.’
    • ‘Despite one minister relinquishing his ministerial portfolio, the country is still not confident that there is integrity in public life.’
    • ‘The prime minister holds 19 portfolios, including royal palace affairs, defense, and foreign affairs.’
    • ‘The matter is appropriately being handled by a portfolio Minister - the Minister for the Environment.’


Early 18th century: from Italian portafogli, from portare carry + foglio leaf (from Latin folium).