Definition of portal system in English:

portal system


  • 1The system of blood vessels consisting of the hepatic portal vein with its tributaries and branches.

    • ‘None of the veins have valves, hence they form a free communication between the systematic and portal systems of veins.’
    • ‘Doppler studies of the portal system are helpful in cases in which Budd-Chiari syndrome or a vena caval web are suspected.’
    • ‘‘Piles’ of the cardiac orifice of the stomach from obstruction to the portal system, may produce hemoptysis.’
    • ‘The fact that veins can be seen is not useful, but the direction of blood flow in visible veins can be useful information because these veins connect to the portal system through the umbilical vein.’
    • ‘The larvae enter the veins of the portal system and are carried to the liver.’
    • ‘Rectal carcinoma is uncommonly associated with systemic metastases in the absence of liver metastases, reflecting the predilection for spread via the portal system.’
    1. 1.1 Any system of blood vessels which has a capillary network at each end.