Definition of portability in English:



mass noun
  • 1The ability to be easily carried or moved.

    ‘the portability of a laptop’
    ‘portability and convenience are critical’
    • ‘Portability became the new buzzword with one of his folding craft carrying an incredible 150 soldiers.’
    • ‘The weapon's smaller models are still popular with security guards who favour its portability.’
    • ‘Something that may change is the absence of portability of the TV.’
    • ‘They have equated convenience with "improved portability" with a tube-like package that enables the yogurt to be eaten without a spoon.’
    • ‘As small as a CD player, its portability offers patients mobility while it actively mixes blood as it pumps through the device.’
    • ‘Portability goes hand in hand with the dairy industry's drive to compete with other beverages.’
    • ‘It's common for such items as mowers and quads to be stolen because of their portability.’
    • ‘The company is wise to focus on improving the portability of its super-premium ice creams.’
    • ‘Although digital channels can be heard via a digital TV or over the Internet, portability of the radio makes it an attractive option.’
    • ‘Graphics on the package emphasize product portability, depicting on-the-go activities.’
    1. 1.1Computing The ability of software to be transferred from one machine or system to another.
      ‘portability to multiple operating systems’
      • ‘There is hope this technology will boost the digital music market by enabling portability and greater integration of hardware and content.’
      • ‘Work continues to revise the graphics pipeline for greater performance, new functions, and platform portability.’
      • ‘This is more important than anything else except portability across different hardware architectures.’
      • ‘Current software technology entails writing application programmes in a high-level language intended to facilitate portability to different computer processor platforms.’
      • ‘Close attention is being paid to robustness, portability, scalability, security, and integrity in the development of our software.’
      • ‘We place unusual stress on interoperability and portability.’
      • ‘This portability facilitates use of the system when customer equipment modules are not easily accessible to external communication sources.’
      • ‘For many, if not most, game developers, portability is still not considered a worthwhile goal.’
      • ‘It saves you the trouble of software installation and also provides portability, since you can use your IP phone from other locations providing the same service.’
      • ‘The technology companies keep promising that portability with security is 'almost ready'.’
    2. 1.2 The possibility of a loan or pension being transferred or adapted in altered circumstances.
      ‘we must ensure the portability of pensions and health care’
      • ‘If you improve insurance portability, you'll have gone a considerable ways towards covering conditions before they get to be pre-existing.’
      • ‘This five-year period is expected to be reduced to two years in this year's pension legislation to provide greater pension portability for employees.’
      • ‘The law is far-reaching and has attempted to change many aspects of healthcare related to patient privacy and insurance portability.’
      • ‘They will facilitate schemes that provide portability of leave entitlements between employers where those entitlements would otherwise be lost to the employee.’
      • ‘Larger companies have to offer some sort of stakeholder or group personal pension plans, both of which allow flexibility and portability.’
      • ‘Nearly all cited tax efficiency as their main priority in choosing a pension, followed by portability and flexibility.’
      • ‘It isn't just the portability part that's added costs—it's also all the effort and paperwork that's needed to protect privacy.’
      • ‘The objectives are to ensure health insurance portability, lessen healthcare deception and exploitation, and guarantee security and privacy of healthcare information.’
      • ‘Like many who switched employers before pension portability, I now have to make up for those 'lost years' of early career moves.’
      • ‘Even with health insurance portability and the like, the way we obtain and maintain health insurance in America is deeply broken.’