Definition of port de bras in English:

port de bras


  • 1An act or manner of moving and posing the arms.

    ‘one coach told her to change her port de bras’
    • ‘She glides through Petipa's port de bras or Balanchine's swift beats with a fidelity and clarity rarely seen among the company's exuberant international cast.’
    • ‘Participants explored barre work, center practice, port de bras, pirouettes, adagio, allegro and pointe work.’
    • ‘Even in corps roles - like the peasants in Swan Lake or the wilis in Giselle - her intensity, stage presence, full ports de bras, and uplift make her stand out.’
    • ‘From the earliest days of our training, we constantly get criticized - about our feet, our head placement, our port de bras, our shoulders, our turnout, our hair, and endlessly on and on.’
    • ‘However, steps that require an extreme range of motion like a port de bras, grand battement, or arabesque sometimes can cause back injuries.’
    • ‘In the opening variations the dancers display the ballon, epaulement, precise footwork, open port de bras, and joie de vivre and generosity of movement that exemplify Bournonville style.’
    • ‘It was a hybrid of pointe work and pseudo-oriental port de bras woven into unison formations.’
    • ‘Indeed, the cultured port de bras of Ashton, the dramatic undercurrents of Robbins, and the formal structure of Balanchine are all there.’
    • ‘Even the basic warm-up engages her completely; she breathes life and energy into her battement and port de bras; each leg extends to its fullest, and her back arches deeply and sensuously.’
    • ‘When Mr. Balanchine gave port de bras forward and back, he wanted us to perfect a beautifully coordinated and integrated movement.’
    • ‘Something the dancers spin with their arms held unconventionally along the sides of the body or in a ‘V’ pattern and at others, even seconds later, they use traditional port de bras.’
    • ‘His choreography was a serious interpretation of the music and within the limits imposed by ice and skating boots he introduced a range of classical jumps, turns, batterie, and ports de bras.’
    • ‘Perfect placement, open port de bras, expansive sweeps of the legs, speedy footwork, and rapid direction changes fill the studio.’
    • ‘This young, fresh, funky company head bang, convulse and port de bras to the backdrop of a filmic ballet dictionary detailing everything from poetry to athleticism.’
    • ‘While in the dressing room, do a grand plié in 2nd and port de bras to the back to see how the fabric moves.’
    • ‘Whereas in Ashton, you have the identical last footwork, but doing a lot of port de bras at the same time.’
    • ‘The earliest variation is a dizzy variety of port de bras and some swift changes in direction and epaulement.’
    • ‘In the center work, which includes pas de bourées, sou-sous, and port de bras, Miss Lynn encourages precision without frustration or mannerisms.’
    • ‘When Stroman demonstrates a step, whether crisp footwork or classical port de bras, her ballet training shines through her baggy, fleece jacket and baseball cap.’
    • ‘While the participants performed harmoniously, there was something pretentious about their essentially unison patterns and self-conscious port de bras.’
    1. 1.1 An exercise designed to develop graceful movement and disposition of the arms, typically involving a bend accompanied by arm movement.
      ‘he knelt into an effortless port de bras’
      • ‘Although the movement in port de bras is usually continuous, without any pauses or stops from start to finish, it is not done entirely at the same speed.’
      • ‘Most people in ballet do port de bras and often the port de bras must precede the movement.’


French, literally ‘bearing of (the) arms’.


port de bras

/ˌpɔː də ˈbrɑː/