Definition of pork pie in English:

pork pie


  • A raised pie made with minced, cooked pork, typically eaten cold.

    • ‘He produced the best pork pie I have eaten made from a pig that was running free on his farm three days earlier.’
    • ‘Jack said he was ‘well chuffed’ with the news, which follows an excellent year's trading and some diverse events including an Elvis festival as well as a pork pie tasting day.’
    • ‘You know in my day the most violent we ever got at the football was shouting at the stewards if your pork pie was cold!’
    • ‘But he tasted success when his traditional pork pie and his speciality steak and onion pie were voted the best.’
    • ‘The British pork pie and its relative, the veal and ham pie, are survivals of the medieval tradition of raised pies, and have changed surprisingly little.’
    • ‘Supermarkets have too much sway these days, and there is certainly no way that I would consider allowing the pork pie to be sold in one.’
    • ‘Turner, who was brought up in Morley, near Leeds, said the key to a prize-winning pork pie lay in a combination of things.’
    • ‘Why did you bring a pork pie to bed with you last night?’
    • ‘He said: ‘I don't believe I am being arrested for eating a pork pie.’’
    • ‘I'm not keen on wedding cake so I thought: ‘What could be better than a pork pie?’’
    • ‘I ate a snack pork pie on my second day back in the UK.’
    • ‘However, if you were feeling peckish on the early trains, all that was available were drinks and cold snacks - the infamous pork pie and curly sandwich!’
    • ‘He dips his mini pork pie in a lake of salad cream, and stuffs it into his mouth, then chews with great enthusiasm.’
    • ‘The court artist may have had the official coverage, but my photo of Catherine munching on a pork pie in the witness box should be appearing in tomorrow's Sun.’
    • ‘She added: ‘We managed to salvage some things and we bought another pork pie and some sausage rolls so all was not lost.’’
    • ‘About two thirds of the energy supplied by the average pork pie comes from fat, and the rest of what makes up these unsavoury items is unlikely to provide any nutritional value to the body.’
    • ‘‘There's nothing better than buying a pork pie that's been made the same morning and then eaten the same afternoon,’ he added.’
    • ‘With no thought for his own safety Mr Prescott immediately despatched his protection into the water whilst he leant against a tree and finished his pork pie, and day-dreamed about being PM.’
    • ‘Two small and one large spice loaves from his sisters, a pork pie and a mince pie, two pounds of cheese-it was a veritable treasure chest of luxuries.’
    • ‘And I'll have a lager-flavoured pork pie with a raspberry meringue crust while you're at it, Alan.’
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pork pie