Definition of pork and puha in English:

pork and puha


mass nounNZ
  • A stew or soup made with pork bones and the leafy vegetable puha, stereotypically considered a favourite Maori food.

    ‘this is my modern take on classic pork and puha’
    • ‘I have no doubt you'll find a taxpayer-funded sinecure to keep you in pork and puha.’
    • ‘No more pork and puha boil ups.’
    • ‘He makes a sort-of Asian take on pork and puha.’
    • ‘In past years we've had entries of pork and puha, pork and watercress, and a myriad of sweet pies.’
    • ‘But before the pork and puha and the mussels were out on plates, beer was being dispensed.’
    • ‘It does not matter whether people are going to the beach for a barbeque or a boil-up, for sausages and eggs, or pork and puha, the Crown will own the foreshore on their behalf for ever and ever.’
    • ‘He's salting a bit away for next pork and puha day.’
    • ‘Second hand goods, cheap fruit and veges, hot food, pork and puha boil ups.’
    • ‘We Kiwis are fish and chips and meat-pie people, a diet complemented by steaks, oysters, mutton-birds, pork and puha and so on.’
    • ‘This pork and puha dish showcases pork meat in the pattie and puha as a flavoursome pesto topping.’