Definition of porcupine fish in English:

porcupine fish


  • A tropical marine fish that has a parrot-like beak and is covered with sharp spines. It inflates itself like a balloon when threatened.

    Family Diodontidae: three genera and several species, including the widely distributed Diodon hystrix. See also burrfish

    • ‘The porcupine fish uses a nightmarish disguise and swells with water, which frightens enemies as large as tiger sharks.’
    • ‘Adult porcupine fish are found in warm waters around coral reefs and anyone who has travelled to tropical climes has probably seen puffed out dried adult specimens hanging on walls in souvenir shops.’
    • ‘They went swimming with loggerhead turtles, bottle-nosed dolphins, nurse sharks, moray eels, stingrays, and porcupine fish at one of the world's top dive sites.’
    • ‘The exhibit offers a glimpse into the marine life with the moray eel, which resembles a tiger, lobster, sea horse, porcupine fish and squirrelfish being displayed.’
    • ‘According to a story recorded by the missionary George Turner, Funafuti was first inhabited by the porcupine fish whose progeny became men and women.’
    • ‘Jacks, titan triggers, morays, blue-ringed angelfish, lionfish, and porcupine fish are residents in this landscape dotted with barrel sponge, and pretty soft and white and purple coral.’
    • ‘The porcupine fish's spines are set into its skin, erecting only when the fish is threatened.’