Definition of porcellaneous in English:



  • See porcelain

    • ‘This arrangement gives milioline tests a porcellaneous appearance.’
    • ‘Calcareous microgranular and porcellaneous tests evolved in the Carboniferous, and calcareous hyaline tests in the Permian.’
    • ‘One of the many highlights of the thirty-five-strong display is an unusual porcellaneous stoneware pillow in the shape of a reclining boy shaded by a lotus leaf.’
    • ‘Only very fine-grained facies referred to as porcellaneous have provided biostratigraphically indicative fauna, i.e. calpionellids.’
    • ‘For example, some Triassic cornuspirids appear to possess a microgranular wall rather than a porcellaneous wall, and thus could be classified as Fusulinida.’
    • ‘This soon rejoins the main passage, and before long the floor breaks through the porcellaneous band, and the passage develops into a somewhat more pleasant vadose trench.’
    • ‘It is found as pale yellow, chalky to porcellaneous masses to 3 cm in size or as chalky films in the conglomerate.’