Definition of population group in English:

population group


  • (in South Africa during the apartheid era) the official term for an ethnic group.

    • ‘Within a small population group such as that on Tristan da Cunha, it was reasonable to expect that each surname would relate to one specific Y-chromosome haplotype.’
    • ‘Thereafter it is expected to increase again as the number of HIV / Aids-related deaths among members of this population group tapers and declines.’
    • ‘He explained: ‘They should rather help uplift poor South Africans of other population groups.’’
    • ‘Enumerators will be asking questions concerning age, sex, population group, home language and education level.’
    • ‘The report by a UN-appointed panel of five lawyers said there was no clear evidence meeting the legal definition of genocide, which means there is intent to destroy a population group.’
    • ‘They were removed under the Group Areas Act in 1980 as part of the apartheid government's efforts to settle population groups in demarcated areas.’
    • ‘Several commentators and foreign media have stated that sport is seen as the glue that can bind together South Africa's disparate population groups and continue the groundwork started by Nelson Mandela.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, most of them hail from a single population group, and often find it impossible or difficult to communicate with Namibians from other areas.’