Definition of populated in English:



  • 1often with submodifier Inhabited.

    ‘a densely populated area’
    ‘populated countries’
    • ‘‘Somebody made a heroic effort to keep the plane from hitting a populated area,’ said Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘There has been criticism of siting the Princess Royal, and particularly its emergency services, in the south of the borough, miles from densely populated areas in the north.’
    • ‘In the early decades of the 19th Century, the population swelled to eight million - Ireland was one of the most densely populated areas on earth.’
    • ‘The telephone company already uses satellites to provide broadband phone services to thinly populated areas of the UK such as the Highlands and Islands.’
    • ‘The sow was in a consignment from 34 premises in the East Riding and Humberside - two of the most densely populated pig areas in the UK - North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Clive Lucas, a specialist housing consultant for Dedmans, said people living in densely populated areas with a lack of space outside their houses coped by parking elsewhere or giving up their cars.’
    • ‘After all, this vast region is the last wilderness in Europe, so what is grown, raised and produced in this region must be better in quality than that from more densely populated and polluted areas.’
    • ‘The money will be used to target specific areas of social exclusion and poverty in sparsely populated areas.’
    • ‘The campaigning organisation points to recent recommendations from the USA that terminals should be sited away from populated areas because of the particular hazards posed by this fuel.’
    • ‘Many people use mobile phones, but masts in populated areas are just not acceptable.’
    • ‘They'll stay in populated areas where they have civilians as human shields and they'll use every weapon at their disposal (including chemical and biological weapons).’
    • ‘Twenty-one people had written objecting to the plans because they believed the area was already highly populated and extra homes would lead to more crime.’
    • ‘However, the device was planted in a populated area to raise the stakes and show that the terrorists were prepared to take a large number of lives next time to achieve their aim.’
    • ‘But Mr Robinson said the scheme could not work for every property and will serve 15,000 homes in the most densely populated areas - Skipton, Settle and South Craven.’
    • ‘Mr Livingstone said: ‘I am deeply concerned about trains carrying nuclear waste passing through such a densely populated area as London.’’
    • ‘Sham wants to see a 500 metre ‘exclusion zone’ established around masts which would mean they could not be located in populated areas.’
    • ‘Any plane can fly over a populated area at 1,500 ft.’
    • ‘The zones have been introduced by Defra officials amid fears the disease could spread to highly populated pig breeding areas in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.’
    • ‘Public policy has similarly sought to secure hazardous sites in populated areas against accidents, with considerable success.’
    • ‘Last November an RAF Tornado crew ditched their crippled aircraft into the sea near Torness nuclear power station after staying with the jet until it was clear of populated areas.’
  • 2Electronics
    (of a printed circuit board) having components fitted.

    • ‘In fact a fully populated cable set up means that we can't get the signal to work at all.’
    • ‘There have been numerous reports for all kind of chipsets and motherboards that when more than 1 socket is populated system stability and frequency headroom are reduced.’