Definition of popularization in English:



  • See popularize

    • ‘When the political figures put down their disguise for serving the country and the people, it is popularization and entertainment, and that is the first step of political democratization.’
    • ‘The saxophonist is probably best known for his popularization of the bossa nova, and that era is well represented here by four tracks, including that hoary old chestnut, The Girl From Ipanema.’
    • ‘The glib answer offered is that there are instruments of the popularization of science, chiefly science journalism and the popular writings of scientists, which create an informed public.’
    • ‘Experts cited environmental pollution and the popularization of pre-marital sex leading to more abortions as the top two reasons for the fertility decline, with tighter life schedules also noted as a factor.’
    • ‘Contemporary education has gone from elitist occupation to popularization, so that the number of female graduate students is increasing rapidly.’