Definition of Popemobile in English:



  • A bulletproof vehicle with a raised viewing area, used by the Pope on official visits.

    • ‘His 4X4 Popemobile was driving along the golden sands when there was an enormous commotion heard just off the headland.’
    • ‘And lacking a Popemobile, the best mode of transport is by foot on the underground Path, the tramway or the Hippo Tour amphibious bus.’
    • ‘Like any figure in popular culture, he has his trademarks, from kissing the soil of the country he is visiting, to the Popemobile.’
    • ‘The designers of the Popemobile, that clear plastic box on wheels, figured it out years ago.’
    • ‘It is accompanied by a picture of the Popemobile.’
    • ‘It is also handy for doing Popemobile impressions on a tight budget (another grab rail thoughtfully provided for the purpose).’
    • ‘After the Mass the Pope drove around through the huge crowds in what we have now come to know as the Popemobile.’
    • ‘VW has already offered to build him a new Popemobile in time for August and his first foreign trip as pontiff to Germany.’
    • ‘Afterwards the Pope left the park again by Popemobile, once more waving to the crowds who had gathered.’
    • ‘One archbishop lost support after he was caught ringing Vatican Autos to get a quote for installing a CD player in the Popemobile.’
    • ‘Hundreds of thousands of faithful sang, cheered and sobbed along Mexico City streets as John Paul waved to them from his Popemobile.’
    • ‘The Popemobile was one of the security measures instituted after Pope John Paul II was shot in St Peter's Square in 1981.’
    • ‘The period setting presumably rules out a Popemobile car chase.’
    • ‘The arrival of the Popemobile set abroad in the crowd a loud and enthusiastic flutter of welcome, as if a thousand white doves had been set free above the square.’
    • ‘Some of the dogs may be lucky enough to have a Petmobil, billed as the canine equivalent of the Popemobile.’