Definition of pop star in English:

pop star


  • A famous and successful singer or performer of pop music.

    ‘she's one of the biggest pop stars in the world’
    • ‘He is the most interesting pop star in the world.’
    • ‘How does it feel to suddenly be a pop star?’
    • ‘Beyonce has the voice, the jeans, and the lip gloss of a successful pop star.’
    • ‘The pop star made a dream come true for one ecstatic fan yesterday when he treated her to a personal concert.’
    • ‘He wanted to be a pop star in the worst way.’
    • ‘She's become a huge pop star.’
    • ‘She explains that at the time she joined Blue Peter she already had one child: a four-year-old girl who would go on to become a pop star.’
    • ‘In Europe he was a burgeoning pop star and toured successfully across the continent.’
    • ‘The enormous vogue of adolescent pop stars like Britney Spears has inspired this work.’
    • ‘Pop stars are always having to prove themselves; they rarely earn the right to coast.’
    • ‘It's so rare that a pop star can make you feel like a star-struck teenager when you are over 30.’
    • ‘He is going to be a pop star like Robbie Williams.’
    • ‘About 50 pupils took to the stage dressed as their favourite pop stars.’