Definition of pop festival in English:

pop festival


  • A large outdoor event, typically lasting several days, at which popular music is performed.

    • ‘It has gone down in history as one of the greatest pop festivals of all time.’
    • ‘On the trains, part of the Great Western Main Line will be closing from today, which will affect people travelling to the Reading pop festival and also to the Wales-England rugby international in Cardiff.’
    • ‘There was also pop festival style over-hype as the commentator strove to convince the crowd that the grand parade of animals was really the highlight of the day.’
    • ‘There were heavy downpours even before Scotland's biggest rock and pop festival kicked off and the rain threatened to upstage the performers.’
    • ‘Everyone who has ever been to a large pop festival, for example, would expect huge temporary stages and arenas to have been checked by experts.’
    • ‘Sharon, known for her style and elegance, has represented India at international pop festivals throughout the world.’
    • ‘Mark Ellen's wonderful evocation of early pop festivals brought back what I think were some great memories of the Seventies - but there again, I might well be imagining things.’
    • ‘More than 30,000 pop fans at a huge pop festival in Glasgow were left disappointed yesterday after he had to pull out.’
    • ‘A man has been jailed for more than two years for selling ecstasy tablets at a pop festival.’
    • ‘The pop festival is being organised by promoters Funtime.’
    • ‘His last job was on the Isle of Wight, where he developed a special interest in pop festivals.’
    • ‘A student who admitted a part in a ‘terrifying’ riot at a Yorkshire pop festival has escaped being jailed.’
    • ‘In the 1960s, Allen Ginsberg took oral poetry into coffee houses, pop festivals, and art happenings.’
    • ‘Think of the collective energy released at pop festivals, propaganda rallies and the like.’
    • ‘Throughout the hotel you will find works of art and posters from Sixties' pop festivals.’
    • ‘The pop festival books absolutely direct and prosaic items to excite the really vast crowd.’
    • ‘At other times, a sense of anticipation - not unlike at pop festivals - helped create a feeling of exhilaration.’
    • ‘I'm not against a pop festival, I'm very much in favour of them, the difficulty arises in the location.’
    • ‘It was not like a pop festival which attracts a lot of high spending young people.’
    • ‘The young carers festival would be of a bigger profile than Glastonbury pop festival if it were to reflect the real number of young carers in the country and do justice to the issues.’