Definition of pop culture in English:

pop culture


mass noun
  • Modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.

    ‘fashion, music, and the iconography of pop culture offered the perfect medium for profit’
    • ‘I am in the latter camp - I love lowbrow pop culture, the seamier and seedier the better.’
    • ‘The beginning of January can be a tenuous time for those of us who habitually follow pop culture.’
    • ‘I mention this only to indicate I still have one toe clinging to current pop culture.’
    • ‘If the current pop culture barometer is any indication, I may be one of the coolest people alive today.’
    • ‘Instead, pop culture, European legends and dramatic arts are clearly traceable.’
    • ‘I'm curious to know what others think about the current pop culture depiction of human machines.’
    • ‘The popularity of Korean pop culture, appropriately enough, is soaring in East Asia.’
    • ‘The subjects of his art are pop culture, not the fleshy Renaissance portraits of his predecessors.’
    • ‘The wild images of two new New Zealand novels are influenced by the giddy spirit of American pop culture.’
    • ‘As wonderfully absurd an image as you could wish of recent Kiwi incursions into the wider pop culture world.’
    • ‘In pop culture practice is this emphasis on personal and subjectively intuited spirituality new?’
    • ‘It's a lively locus of geekery, pop culture and technology activism.’
    • ‘Call me low-rent, but I've got a thing for pop culture and those who study it.’
    • ‘I suppose news is part of our pop culture in that it's generally news that makes the culture.’
    • ‘As far as I can see, American pop culture only ever has room for one joke about the French.’
    • ‘The series also does a fine job of juggling references to pop culture and high culture.’
    • ‘Its got pop culture and a cheeky little thesis without being too serious.’
    • ‘My housemate was never more right than when it comes to my tastes in pop culture.’
    • ‘Here's an interesting piece looking at the psychology of one of pop culture's greatest icons.’
    • ‘Or maybe it is simply to display your talent for cheap cynicism and catchy pop culture low talk?’