Definition of poor relief in English:

poor relief


mass nounhistorical
  • Financial assistance given to the poor from state or local community funds.

    • ‘The records concerning poor relief in local towns were often sparse and fragmentary.’
    • ‘To determine how poor relief was financed, van Leeuwen examined the account books of the five largest charities for the period 1829-54.’
    • ‘In the Middle Ages, the Christian Church provided not only access to supernatural power but also civil administration, education, poor relief, and social discipline.’
    • ‘The mass of the population fell back onto a second option, the charity of religious bodies, or onto a third option, the poor relief provided by local communities.’
    • ‘Although the problem of poverty was not as great in eighteenth century America as in England, colonial society and its administration struggled with the issue of poor relief in urban communities.’
    • ‘Reform of local authorities and poor relief regimes belonged in a continuous process of revision and reassessment that had proceeded throughout the eighteenth century.’