Definition of poor-quality in English:



  • Of inferior quality.

    ‘poor-quality beaches may drive tourists away’
    ‘illnesses caused by drinking poor-quality water’
    • ‘The project is already three years behind schedule because of poor-quality paving and bureaucratic delays.’
    • ‘They overcharge for poor-quality food and because they are so close to student housing, they can get away with it.’
    • ‘He said he was pleased the officers had taken steps to protect shoppers who spend hard-earned cash on poor-quality fakes.’
    • ‘I won't dispute that the availability of poor-quality food is too high.’
    • ‘Factory managers often found that the best or only way of fulfilling their plan was to supply poor-quality products.’
    • ‘It devalues good work, and poor-quality writing makes the industry as a whole look amateurish.’
    • ‘Living in poor-quality accommodation is detrimental to their health and wellbeing.’
    • ‘But lack of policing, traffic congestion and poor-quality roads and pavements gave cause for concern.’
    • ‘We're not talking about poor-quality knockoffs, but products that look and play exactly like the sanctioned versions, which sell for ten times the price.’
    • ‘Silver is still regarded by many as unfashionable: the stigma of poor-quality mid-to-late-twentieth-century reproduction silver has been hard to shake off.’