Definition of pontificator in English:



  • See pontificate

    • ‘The idea is that you as the reader have access to much of the information that we as journalists do and there is no reason you can't be a writer, a reporter, a pontificator or a blogger yourself.’
    • ‘One development in particular has been left almost entirely un-remarked upon by the army of armchair strategists and pontificators in Washington newsrooms and TV studios, although U.S. soldiers in the field are all too aware of it.’
    • ‘This Zion is full of the leaders and followers, pontificators and preachers, spiritual and surface humans that we recognize from our daily lives.’
    • ‘In contrast to governors, who position themselves as problem-solvers, senators are often cast as remote pontificators or, even more problematic, as Washington insiders and back-room compromisers.’
    • ‘And all the while, the talking heads talked, the pontificators pontificated, and the letters and e-mails flooded our offices.’