Definition of pone in English:


(North American corn pone) (also pone bread)


mass nounUS
  • Unleavened maize bread in the form of flat oval cakes or loaves, originally as prepared with water by North American Indians and cooked in hot ashes.

    ‘she used to come into town weekly to sell her pone’
    • ‘The reference is to the celebrated corn pone; the binomial form is to be preferred, since pone by itself could sometimes refer to a bread made of something other than corn.’
    • ‘Sweet bread, pone, conkies, and ah wicked cranberry bread with whole wheat flour and all the trappins of West Indian cooking.’
    • ‘Cooked, this innocent combination forms the superstructure for such savory staples we know as: mush, cornmeal fritters, hush puppies, pone and pudding, dodgers, relish, bread, sticks and stuffing.’
    • ‘Southerners preferred corn dodgers or pone and pork and clabber rather than Yankee beef.’


Algonquian, ‘bread’.