Definition of ponderously in English:



  • See ponderous

    • ‘Slowly, ponderously, and to no obvious purpose, bewigged lawyers gnaw away at obscure details, while judges occasionally interrupt them with observations of unutterable banality.’
    • ‘And at that very instant something did, then moved slowly, ponderously but very heavily upstream.’
    • ‘Instead of sweating underneath monstrous loads, moving as slowly and ponderously as beasts of burden, we cruised the trail like coyotes, heads up, alert, eyes on the horizon.’
    • ‘Slowly, ponderously this great armada moved across the Channel.’
    • ‘As I said, the exhibition has set out deliberately, and even ponderously, to enlarge our image of Turkishness and to reveal far more about the history of these varied peoples than concentrating on Ottoman art would have achieved.’