Definition of pond skater in English:

pond skater


  • A slender predatory bug which moves quickly across the surface film of water, using its front legs for catching prey.

    Family Gerridae, suborder Heteroptera: Gerris and other genera, and many species, in particular the common European G. lacustris

    North American term water strider
    • ‘Water striders, the insects also known as pond skaters or Jesus bugs, have long baffled scientists who couldn't explain how these creatures ‘walk’ on water.’
    • ‘Children will be able to get answers to all their burning bug questions, like whether a woodlouse eats wood, whether a centipede really has one hundred legs and how a pond skater skates.’
    • ‘As a child my family would take a Sunday walk down the local canal side; we'd kneel at the water's edge watching pond skaters and water beetles going about their business.’
    • ‘We found all kinds of creatures from leeches to water snails and pond skaters and lots of other typical British aquatic life.’
    • ‘There were leebeens, water beetles and pond skaters in the water.’


pond skater