Definition of pond scum in English:

pond scum


mass nounNorth American
  • 1A mass of algae forming a green film on the surface of stagnant water.

    • ‘The issue is, as always, not to be misled by the ‘psychological link’ between such terms and the idea that pond scum has turned into pelicans, palm trees and politicians.’
    • ‘The conquest or conquests of the land by the green algae is the starting point of the story, but my presentation has to begin with some attitude adjustments, because the algae are known as the seaweeds and as pond scum and as frog spittle.’
    • ‘Other forms of energy production are examined including wind, hydro, biomass, solar and even microbes that can eat carbon and turn it into energy, as well as hydrogen-belching pond scum!’
    • ‘The fourth kind to be mentioned here is blue-green algae, probably the worst when it comes to pond scum.’
    • ‘Beyond this, you'll marvel at how the massive swamp set was fabricated, from the largest twisted tree down to the prevalent pond scum.’
    • ‘Because the Bible is historical truth, we can know that pandas have not been in existence for millions of years, nor are they descended from primeval pond scum which supposedly sprang to life by chance, billions of years ago.’
    • ‘Mine was in a situation we have probably all looked at and gone ‘Yuk! - A pond scum dive.’’
    • ‘Despite the poor visibility, Earle and her fellow pond scum enthusiasts surfaced with no dire infections and a nice list of aquatic species.’
    • ‘If we are simply rearranged pond scum as evolution teaches, then morality is just an illusion-just particular motions of electrons in our brain which gave our alleged ape-like ancestors a survival advantage.’
    • ‘If atheists believe they are just rearranged pond scum, and that there is no absolute moral lawgiver, then on what grounds can they justify truth-telling?’
    • ‘Algae, or pond scum, can smell bad, give water an unpleasant taste and make the water murky.’
    • ‘How is it that life has evolved through all those elements and molecules and generations and pond scum and animals to us.’
    • ‘If, as they almost certainly believe, we're all just rearranged pond scum, the products of survival of the fittest, then they would have no basis for a consistent moral code.’
    • ‘In 1984 at Berkeley, Greider discovered telomerase - an enzyme that extends the end of a chromosome - in pond scum.’
    • ‘The entire basis for evolution is that, untold millions of years ago, life began spontaneously from primordial pond scum.’
    • ‘In the water were swarms of bacteria and archaea (ancient microorganisms that often thrive in tough places), as many as a few million per ounce - perhaps not as crowded as pond scum, but similar to the density near the seafloor.’
    • ‘In other words, man is really nothing more than a biological machine - complex, to be sure, but nonetheless pond scum shaped by blind natural forces.’
    • ‘Bacteria and Archaea look very much alike and, prior to genetic sequencing, they were classified together even though their genes now tell us they are as different as elephants and pond scum - maybe more so.’
    • ‘Others may be concerned at the breakdown of ethics, so it would be appropriate to ask how ethics can be justified if we are just rearranged pond scum.’
    • ‘This includes Adam himself, who was created directly by God, not through a long line of ape-like ancestors or pond scum.’
    1. 1.1informal A worthless or contemptible person or group of people.
      • ‘The men who kill Americans for cash are pond scum, not soldiers in a wider people's war.’
      • ‘It's like ride operators are suddenly below pond scum and not even entitled to the basic human rights declared in the Geneva Convention Treaty.’
      • ‘Because you're pond scum, David, now kindly go away.’
      • ‘Because my parents were good upstanding people and not a low life pond scum like your father, yeah.’
      • ‘I think he probably broke some world record for making novice playwrights feel like pond scum.’
      • ‘O'Reilly is a coward and a liar and works for pond scum.’
      • ‘‘Rand's theory, basically, is that most people are pond scum,’ reads the review of Ayn Rand's Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.’
      • ‘I guess the Liberal party is a perfect natural habitat for pond scum like him.’
      • ‘Not many journalists - pond scum in the popular mind - earn themselves a tribute on the floor of the US Senate on their passing.’
      • ‘The beatings, the verbal abuse, after every time he felt like pond scum.’
      • ‘I've got a younger brother and sister, and he treats all of us like pond scum.’
      • ‘Show any of this to an experienced old-school gum printer and they will tell you that it is nonsense and furthermore, you are pond scum for believing any of this obvious malarkey.’
      • ‘She rarely thought of Wes, because she had convinced herself that he was something lesser than pond scum, and above all else, a guy.’
      • ‘‘I always knew you were pond scum,’ she told him.’
      • ‘The short stroll to the car took us past the local boozery outside which a group of Hackett wearing pond scum was guzzling pints of the old wife-beater in the hot sunshine.’
      • ‘Then you are going to have to start jailing the names of the upper crust and lower pond scum masquerading as upper crust.’
      • ‘I am sick to death of deposed pond scum being allowed to mouth off in the dock to their hearts' content.’
      • ‘They don't have to be treated like pond scum by some two-bit organization.’
      • ‘Or worse, the way Bonds treated them like so much pond scum.’
      • ‘Though Jack's behaviour makes him only slightly better than pond scum, his plight is not a wholly ridiculous one.’
      despicable people, despicable person, rabble, riff-raff, refuse, garbage, trash, vermin, good-for-nothing, good-for-nothings, undesirable, undesirables, the lowest of the low, the dregs of society
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