Definition of pond in English:



  • 1A small body of still water formed naturally or by artificial means.

    ‘a garden pond’
    • ‘Water gardens are ponds having water falls, pond plants and pond life like exotic fishes.’
    • ‘They enter the ponds largely with water that is piped in from other ponds or local bodies of water and eat the food that the farmers put in the pond to fatten up the crop fish.’
    • ‘Although the number of rural ponds is decreasing rapidly, garden ponds are gaining in popularity and are becoming increasingly important habitats for toads, says the trust.’
    • ‘The Chichghat valley is a dense natural forest with ponds and waterholes, grasslands and meadows.’
    • ‘Provisions for drainage, road pavement, ground water recharge, and artificial ponds are also being made.’
    • ‘Most wash their clothes and their bodies in nearby ponds or at community water taps.’
    • ‘From digging rainwater pits to cleaning of ponds, the local bodies in Ernakulam district have taken up water conservation programmes in a big way.’
    • ‘Waters to head for include canals, rivers, gravel pits, lakes, ponds, meres and reservoirs.’
    • ‘Lakes show a great range in size and depth, from small local ponds to bodies of water covering thousands of square kilometres.’
    • ‘It also provides a connection with nature via gardens, water, ponds, plant materials, daylight, and fresh air.’
    • ‘Artificial ponds for bass are very common in the midwest and southern states.’
    • ‘A special feature of the park is that it has a couple of natural ponds, brimming with water.’
    • ‘Projecting eaves and bamboo verandahs shaped views of gardens with ponds, streams and artificial hills.’
    • ‘Surface water bodies like ponds and tanks are the perennial breeding sources.’
    • ‘Runoff from irrigation and rain is recycled through a series of ponds and wetlands that naturally cleanse it for reuse in vineyards and landscaping.’
    • ‘Pond owners are frequently interested in providing artificial aeration in their ponds.’
    • ‘One of the hall's most spectacular new features is the Father Tiber garden with its ponds, fountains and water cascade.’
    • ‘I've got a lovely garden, two ponds and a water-fall.’
    • ‘North African catfish live in a variety of freshwater environments, including quiet waters like lakes, ponds, and pools.’
    • ‘Through the ages, Indian agriculture has been sustained by natural and man-made water bodies such as lakes, tanks, ponds and similar structures.’
    pool, puddle, lake, tarn, reservoir, waterhole, lagoon, inland sea, swim
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    1. 1.1the pondhumorous The Atlantic Ocean.
      ‘he's relatively unknown on this side of the pond’
      • ‘Everyone's thoughts were on the other side of the pond.’
      • ‘Now imbalanced power struggles play themselves out this side of the pond, with decidedly different results.’
      • ‘On the other side of the pond, the Atlantic sturgeon is better documented.’
      • ‘Ask most people on either side of the pond what they think of tabloids and they'll tell you they don't think very highly of them.’
      • ‘Few people on this side of the pond had heard of the US network until a television crew working for Prince Edward was caught filming in St Andrews last week.’
      • ‘This is his debut album, recently released this side of the pond, and although it is a raw, slightly patchy affair, after a few plays it weaves its intimate spell.’
      • ‘One can only wonder what the cheese-eating surrender monkeys on the other side of the pond think of all this.’
      • ‘British journalism revelling in racial division the other side of the Atlantic rarely seems to trouble itself to look at the ethnic splits this side of the pond.’
      • ‘Over on this side of the pond, the first weekend in June is called Whit Weekend - presumably because we care not a whit for what we get up to.’
      • ‘The other thing is until the web came out and we started to connect online, the stories took a lot longer to move from one side of the pond to the other.’
      • ‘Suddenly, even the media on our side of the pond was full of it, too - reports, reviews, screen-grabs and story-lines.’
      • ‘That's how it looked over on this side of the pond, too.’
      • ‘Three Oxford students have a blog devoted to international relations, and politics on our side of the pond.’
      • ‘Despite his national success on this side of the pond, Tim won't be expecting an invitation to the White House.’
      • ‘It is a Tolstoyan study in human fallibility in the context of global history, the like of which nobody on this side of the pond has come close to emulating.’
      • ‘It just seems too far away, too detached from life this side of the pond, and America should have the resources to sort out this kind of problem if anyone has.’
      • ‘A critical hit on both sides of the pond, it's a noir detective story starring Lionel Essrog, a detective with Tourette's Syndrome.’
      • ‘Exactly the same is going on here on this side of the pond, as the Telegraph's story on Friday revealed.’
      • ‘And while I'd love to meet the wonderful Asparagirl, sadly I think I am not going to be on that side of the pond.’
      • ‘Well I finally made it to the other side of the pond - I got myself a flight to Newark and am now hiding out in New Jersey.’


  • 1Hold back or dam up (flowing water or another liquid) to form a pond.

    ‘the lava can't flow away and gets ponded up in the crater’
    • ‘Short-lived saline lakes or playas are particularly common at the margins of many deserts, where waters from flash floods become ponded up, but evaporate away in time.’
    • ‘Once the gas-saturated magma is ponded and retained in a holding reservoir, it will cool and crystallize, causing further degassing.’
    • ‘Completely collapsed ponds were areas where the remnants of a dam were still present and water was partially ponded behind the dam, but at least part of the dam was fully breached and water was freely flowing through the breached area.’
    • ‘The canal network depends upon the availability of river water ponded in three hydro-electric projects ever at the mercy of monsoon and snow-melt.’
    1. 1.1no object (of flowing water or other liquids) form a pond.
      ‘water should never be allowed to pond on your property’
      • ‘During the Younger Dryas it appears that meltwaters ponded up on the southern edge of the ice sheets forming Lake Agassiz.’
      • ‘Above all, Spore says that it's important to prevent water from ponding on the roof.’
      • ‘Matched precipitation heads are recommended to ensure that wastewater is evenly applied to avoid ponding and surface runoff.’
      • ‘Gutters should have a continuous slope - with no places where water ponds.’
      • ‘Latex paints are not recommended for roofs where water ponds.’
      • ‘Reduced infiltration will cause water ponding for longer periods following rainfall on a field with surface depressions.’
      • ‘In addition, the slope was not correct so the water ponded.’
      • ‘The higher buoyancy will allow the magma to pond at shallower depths.’
      • ‘Rain turned the dirt to mud, clogging a storm drain and allowing water to pond in the road.’
      • ‘Within a matter of a few months following construction the plaintiff began to receive complaints that water from rainfall was ponding on this upper parking deck and not draining away.’
      • ‘They plan to build up the level of the road and remove any depression thus ensuring that run-off water flows directly to the nearest road gully without ponding.’
      • ‘Another drainage problem under study is water that ponds in low spots and drains by surface pipe inlets.’
      • ‘The septic inspection disclosed no problem with the tank itself and suggested that the water ponding in the mantle area could be caused by excessive water consumption in the house.’
      • ‘The IB Roof system I prefer is manufactured with copolymer alloys and offers a lifetime warranty against leakage and water ponding.’
      • ‘At one particularly dry location, surface water had ponded in the 45 mm rut, effectively preventing the drying mechanism postulated.’
      • ‘Although present surface conditions on Mars appear unfavorable for life, orbital images of Mars show numerous water-carved channels and possible paleolake basins where water may have once ponded.’
      • ‘When we arrived, we saw that the liquid was not passing through the sand, but was ponding on the surface of the filter bed.’
      • ‘For the reasons given in respect of item 16 I am not satisfied that the failure to avoid ponding amounted to defective work.’
      • ‘Drains should be recessed below floor level so that water and solids will easily enter the drain without ponding.’
      • ‘It stood erect and held back sediment and water until the water ponded upstream to a depth of 1.4 to 1.6 feet.’


Middle English: alteration of pound, commonly used in dialect in the same sense.