Definition of pomologist in English:



  • See pomology

    • ‘These compounds give the plant its horrendous allure, which smells ‘like something curled up in there and died, a week ago,’ said Ken Shackel, UC-Davis pomologist (fruit scientist).’
    • ‘Although it has always been tempting, particularly to French pomologists, to identify classical fruits with modern survivals, such exercises, like the reconstruction of Greek music, are more or less imaginative guesswork.’
    • ‘Unfortunately their findings have been largely overlooked and most pomologists assume that apple flowers have an imperfectly syncarpous gynoecium.’
    • ‘The entire volume with 105 colored plates deserves the most attentive study by pomologists.’
    • ‘However much growers and pomologists had attempted to change the fact, nature was not a controlled environment.’