Definition of Pommyland in English:



NZ, Australian
  • Britain, especially England.

    ‘he stumbled into trouble amongst the great and good of Pommyland’
    • ‘I'm a naturalised Australian but I come from Pommyland.’
    • ‘Guy Fawkes can piss off back to Pommyland.’
    • ‘Apparently a favourite snack back in Pommyland, I suggest those interested in getting hold of some quality nuts make a beeline for Peter's joint before they've all been snapped up.’
    • ‘Both films are about the grotesque misadventures of a 'typical' Aussie in Pommyland.’
    • ‘He still thinks he's in Pommyland.’
    • ‘Has an innocent lad from the Australian plains caused such a stir in Pommyland in years?’
    • ‘In Pommyland, you have empty houses and undeveloped sites simultaneously with a national shortage of several million homes.’
    • ‘He blindly refuses to accept statistics about his liberal home, Pommyland.’
    • ‘There is no sane reason we need to compare our house prices favourably with the first world's worst example, Pommyland.’
    • ‘I'd like to introduce a man from Pommyland who is joining us this year in the philosophy department.’


Early 20th century: from Pommy + land.