Definition of pommified in English:



NZ, Australian
derogatory, informal
  • (of an Australian or New Zealander) affecting an English manner, especially in speech.

    ‘they regarded me with loathing as a pommified Johnny-come-lately’
    • ‘When on London radio he sounded pommified, but on returning to commercial radio in Australia, he was matey, blokey, cobberish.’
    • ‘I despised those people who pommified their speech but I was, always, very particular about my walk.’
    • ‘I'm originally Aussie, now somewhat Pommified as I came over to Sheffield a long time ago.’
    • ‘A few of them regarded me with loathing as a pommified Johnny-come-lately, which I was.’
    • ‘The West is not yet as yankified or pommified to the same extent as is Sydney.’
    • ‘Already making great strides in presenting quality journalism, they nevertheless had presenters who spoke mostly with a plummy, Pommified accent.’
    • ‘If you stay more than five years you become a pommified Aussie.’
    • ‘We all sat up and applauded this virtuoso, with a rather actorly, faintly pommified resonance to his voice.’
    • ‘She moved to UK when she was reasonably young, so I suppose she became Pommified after a while.’
    • ‘Such a voice in Sydney in 1991 would be considered over-refined, Pommified.’


Early 20th century: from Pommy + -fy.