Definition of Pomland in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • The United Kingdom.

    ‘despite all those years in Pomland he's never lost his Melbourne accent’
    • ‘Less than a year later, Gooch struck the highest score for Pomland since 1938.’
    • ‘Her new series is called Babes in Pomland.’
    • ‘They were taxed up to 80% in Pomland.’
    • ‘While away in Pomland another male Australian character was born from the typewriters of advertising copywriters.’
    • ‘Mum was born in "Pomland".’
    • ‘We're meeting a mate who will take you on and you'll be back in Pomland before you know it.’
    • ‘He writes in the style of a bluff Aussie delighted to live far from Pomland.’
    • ‘Is it the intention of Pomland to open up direct mail communication?’
    • ‘Smoking the stuff is no longer a criminal offence in Pomland.’
    • ‘I will now give you a first-hand report of a leading case recently decided here in Pomland.’


1970s: from Pom + land.