Definition of pomfret in English:



  • A deep-bodied fish of open seas, which typically has scales on the dorsal and anal fins.

    Family Bramidae: several genera and species, including the edible Brama brama of the North Atlantic (also called Ray's bream)

    • ‘Next is fish, with six choices including garoupa, prawn, salmon and pomfret.’
    • ‘We have to wait for the dry season, when the white pomfret breed.’
    • ‘Her mom had made lip-smacking fried pomfrets and surmai curry.’
    • ‘First the cook would bring a tankard of wonderfully thick, creamy chicken broth, then came the pomfret from Bombay - two pieces.’
    • ‘Don't expect to get a fried piece of pomfret or seerfish; but the sardines and mackerels fried in coconut oil would be tastier.’
    • ‘The dishes varied from grilled prawns and pomfret masala fried fish, part of nearly 60 varieties of food prepared by students of the college.’
    • ‘Seer fish steaks and fillets pomfret and mackerel are for the taking.’
    • ‘The pomfret I had in India is close to impossible to find in the US, so I resolved to use pompano (which is close).’
    • ‘The fish in the market is good enough, the usual Indian blue-grey pomfret, giant eel and the area's famous prawns - after all we are not far from the sea - but we can do better.’
    • ‘The white pomfret is the most highly esteemed fish for serving at honorific meals in Malaysia, where the excess of demand over supply makes it expensive.’
    • ‘If you like seafood, go for the Baked pomfret with gooseberry sauce, or the Cornish buttered lobster, a simple recipe that brings out the full flavour of the lobster.’
    • ‘They ordered the usual Hokkien staples - fish maw soup, hokkien mee (real one, the black type), sea cucumber with braised duck, steamed pomfret, and a partridge in a pear tree.’
    • ‘I found it strange, though not actively painful, to go four days in Chennai without anything more meaty than a slice of tandooried pomfret.’
    • ‘Enjoy exotic soups and then dig into lobsters, crabs, pomfret or prawns, if you favour seafood, for health or other reasons.’
    • ‘Nethili, kanava, pomfret, seer, crab, tiger prawn and sand lobster are cooked in Indian, Chinese styles, Kababs, deep-fried and dry-fried, a truly gastronomic delight.’
    • ‘You can also get pomfret and sardines and prawns and crabs in some unusual dishes, which make good use of masalas of the west coast variety.’
    • ‘We inspect live eels, snake fish and frogs at one stall, pomfret, prawns squid and parrot fish at another.’
    • ‘These are followed by eight seafood items and covers salmon, lobster, snow fish, snapper, pomfret and sea bass.’
    • ‘We ate good papri chaat and excellent little black hara kebabs made of spinach and green bananas and split peas and a good big tandoori pomfret, but Manpreet was unimpressed by the lifeless paneer pakora and found the chicken drab, too.’
    • ‘Fish on offer include sea bass, grouper, pomfret, butter fish, snow fish, red snapper and tub tim.’


Early 18th century: apparently from Portuguese pampo.