Definition of Pomak in English:



  • A Muslim Bulgarian.

    • ‘These include not only ethnic Macedonians, but Gypsies, Turks, Romanian-speaking Vlachs, indigenous Albanians, and Pomaks: Muslims with Koranic names and traditions, who speak an archaic dialect of Bulgarian.’
    • ‘It expelled almost 300 000 ethnic Turks and Muslim Slavs, known as Pomaks, segregated Roma and subdued all expressions of ethnic diversity.’
    • ‘This has fuelled suspicion of Muslims in general especially the Pomaks, who many Bulgarians view as Muslim by choice, rather than by tradition.’
    • ‘The Muslims of Macedonia consist of Albanians, Turks, Pomaks, Bosnians and Gypsies.’
    • ‘Since that time, the Bulgarian National Assembly has taken measures to restore the Pomaks' civil rights.’
    • ‘Nowadays the terms Pomaks and Bulgarian Muslims are used as interchangeable and synonyms, without evaluating the minority group at all.’
    • ‘A photography master's project on Bulgarian Pomaks - the descendants of Bulgarians forced to convert to Islam during Ottoman Rule brought her here.’
    • ‘Among the Pomaks and Gypsies, Christian and Islamic beliefs and practices often coexist.’