Definition of polyphase in English:



  • 1Consisting of or occurring in a number of separate stages.

    ‘a polyphase tectonic interpretation’
    • ‘New palaeomagnetic data from Lower Carboniferous granitoids of the orogenic root of the eastern Variscan belt show a polyphase palaeomagnetic record.’
    • ‘Precambrian metamorphism and migmatization and the wide spectrum of mainly Alpine mica ages provide clear evidence for such a polyphase geological history.’
    • ‘The polyphase tectonic and sedimentological development of East African continental rift basins is well-illustrated in the Kilombero Rift Valley in Tanzania.’
    • ‘The Moine rocks widely record polyphase deformation and metamorphism up to amphibolite facies.’
    • ‘The Arunta Inlier is an extensive east-west-trending, polyphase, high-grade, predominantly Palaeoproterozoic metamorphic complex.’
    1. 1.1 (of an electrical device) simultaneously using several alternating currents of the same voltage and frequency but with different phases.
      ‘a polyphase induction motor’
      • ‘In contrast to direct current (which was difficult to transmit more than ten miles), polyphase AC systems proved capable of transmitting power hundreds of miles.’
      • ‘The Energy Policy Act of 1992 required minimum efficiency standards for general purpose, polyphase induction motors.’
      • ‘The reduction in the die area dedicated to capacitance opens up the possibility of building more complex RF circuits, such as image-reject mixers and polyphase IF filters.’