Definition of polymorphously perverse in English:

polymorphously perverse


  • See polymorphous perversity

    • ‘The polymorphously perverse nature of infantile sexuality would be a function of the child's vulnerability to being shattered into sexuality.’
    • ‘According to Freud, prior to the Oedipus complex, the child is polymorphously perverse; that is, it receives sexual gratification from bodily functions and sensations not directly tied to sexual intercourse.’
    • ‘And so the workshop proceeded, marketing the polymorphously perverse to the sexually naive and emotionally immature.’
    • ‘In the '60s, the time I was out running around a lot, we were all so loose and sort of polymorphously perverse that it just wasn't a big deal.’
    • ‘If Picasso is polymorphously perverse, he sublimates it into a promiscuous play with form and style.’