Definition of polymorphous perversity in English:

polymorphous perversity


mass nounPsychology
  • A generalized sexual desire that can be excited and gratified in many ways, normal in young children but unusual in adults.

    ‘the impulses of an infantile polymorphously perverse character’
    • ‘His vision of childhood is a kind of - a bit like Freud, a state of polymorphous perversity - a state of welcoming experience as both innocent and strangely perverse, because it doesn't obey adult rules.’
    • ‘The man smiles back, resigned to his place in this brave new world of polymorphous perversity, where girls prefer girls and men are good for getting the drinks in.’
    • ‘In this compelling account, Howard suggests that Freund's inability to accept his own polymorphous perversity, his failure to recognize his place in a ‘community of sexuality,’ precipitates his passive suicide.’
    • ‘‘Boyhood,’ she writes (poetically if not entirely convincingly), ‘is a playground and the game is polymorphous perversity.’’
    • ‘Overall, however, the sexual activity in Christmas on Earth seems to fall not into the categories of gay or straight but into a kind of polymorphous perversity.’


polymorphous perversity