Definition of polymetallic in English:



  • Containing or involving several metals or their ores.

    ‘the mining of polymetallic sulphides’
    ‘a quartz vein with polymetallic mineralization’
    • ‘These include a marcasite-calcite stage, found in fractures up to a few hundred metres away from breccia bodies, and the main polymetallic marcasite-sphalerite-galena-calcite mineralization.’
    • ‘The samples were chosen to be representative of the mineralization found throughout the core and the inclusions analysed were from calcite texturally associated with polymetallic mineralization.’
    • ‘As exposed in their workings, the Smuggler vein was 4 feet wide with an 18-28-inch pay streak of ore, consisting of polymetallic sulfides and sulfosalts with gold and silver as native elements.’
    • ‘These metals are typically won from polymetallic ores rich in sulfosalts.’
    • ‘This area proper is a prominent Chinese mining district known as the Xianghualing polymetallic ore field, and it consists of numerous deposits of tin, tungsten, molybdenum, bismuth, copper, lead, and zinc.’