Definition of polymerous in English:



  • Having or consisting of many parts.

    ‘cnidaria with polymerous radial symmetry’
    • ‘After irradiation for 12-15 min, a fraction of highly polymerous DNA appears, which remains at the start of the gel under the electrophoretic conditions used in these experiments.’
    • ‘The proximal aulacophore is polymerous, rather than tetramerous (as in most other stylophorans) and superficially similar to that of the earliest stylophoran, Ceratocystis.’
    • ‘The complex polymerous flowers of water lilies with no clear differentiation between sepals and carpels fit very well into the euanthian school of flower origin theories.’
    • ‘During the second stage of fixation, interfibrillar cross-links are apparently formed as judged by the appearance of highly polymerous DNA at the start of the electrophoretic gel.’