Definition of polyimide in English:



mass noun
  • A synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by imide groups, used chiefly for heat-resistant films and coatings.

    • ‘An example of this type of adhesive is polyimide that is formed by the polymerization reaction of an aromatic amine with an aromatic anhydride.’
    • ‘An alkyldiamine having excellent polymerization reactivity, a polyimide comprising it as a constituting element, and a liquid crystal alignment film excellent in uniformity of liquid crystal alignment, are presented.’
    • ‘LCP has a water absorption rate of 0.1%, whereas polyimide has a 1 to 3% rate.’
    • ‘In a previous report, we created regular arrays of micron-size pillars and holes spaced at 10 m on glass surfaces using photosensitive polyimide for studies of neutrophil behaviors.’
    • ‘Geim blames this shortcoming on polyimide's hydrophilicity, that is, its tendency to attract water.’