Definition of polygonum in English:



  • A plant of a genus that includes knotgrass and knotweed, some of which are weeds and some are garden ornamentals.

    Genus Polygonum, family Polygonaceae

    • ‘‘I love how it grows into the polygonum,’ Julie says.’
    • ‘Also on February 15, 310 acres in Santa Cruz County were proposed as critical habitat for the Scotts Valley spineflower (Chorizanthe robusta var. hartwegii) and the Scotts Valley polygonum.’
    • ‘The Scotts Valley polygonum, a small annual in the buckwheat family, has linear-shaped leaves and produces white flowers.’
    • ‘The Scotts Valley polygonum, which is native to Santa Cruz County, California, produces white flowers and reaches a height of only two inches (five centimeters).’
    • ‘Most of the starchy grains that are present at Langford sites are either wild chenopod or polygonum seeds.’


Modern Latin, from Greek polu- ‘many’ + gonu ‘knee, joint’ (because of the swollen joints sheathed by stipules).