Definition of polygenetic in English:



  • 1Relating to polygenesis; having more than one origin or source.

    • ‘A genetic model describing polygenetic and monogenetic factors for the inheritance of the osteochondral disease (so-called mixed-inheritance model) was used to detect the presence of a major gene in the inheritance of OC in pigs.’
    • ‘Various theories have been proposed to account for the origin of pidgin languages, and fall into three broad types: monogenetic, polygenetic, and universalist.’
    • ‘Anderson was a great proponent of the historical-geographical method of collection and analysis which typified the Finnish school, accepting the idea of a single origin for each tale type, rather than arguing for a polygenetic origin.’
    • ‘Calling the ‘despisers of their fellow men’ ‘monsters,’ he asserts the deviance of both racism and of the polygenetic view of the human species.’
    • ‘This scientific vision of parallel and unequal ‘races’ is part of the polygenetic argument about the definition of ‘race’ within the scientific culture of the eighteenth century.’
    1. 1.1Geology Denoting or originating from a volcano that has erupted several times.
      ‘polygenetic conglomerate’
      • ‘These are characteristically formed of polygenetic intermediate volcanoes and may include both basaltic and more silicic volcanoes that have emerged during various times in their life history.’
      • ‘The core material preserves diverse structures testifying to its polygenetic origin and an evolution from a hydrostatic to a tectonic stress-dominated environment.’
      • ‘Paleocene and Eocene sediments were deposited on a polygenetic sub-Paleogene surface.’