Definition of polyene in English:



  • A hydrocarbon with several carbon–carbon double bonds, especially one having a chain of conjugated single and double bonds.

    • ‘During equilibration the structure was stable and retinal assumed a fairly planar conformation, which showed a mild twist distributed over the main chain of the polyene.’
    • ‘As the chromophore is a polyene, there are several double bonds capable of isomerization.’
    • ‘A protein-bound polyene chromophore is not the same as a polyene trapped within the cavity of an amorphous solid.’
    • ‘In nonpolar polyenes the lowest-lying funnel corresponds to a 3 kink with both double and adjacent single bonds twisted, which may initiate hula-twist isomerization.’
    • ‘They have anchored bimetallic catalysts, such as a ruthenium-tin catalyst, to the insides of such molecular sieves and have found that they can selectively hydrogenate cyclic polyenes.’