Definition of polydrug in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the use of several, typically illegal, drugs together.

    ‘prolonged polydrug abuse’
    • ‘Table 4 is arranged in five blocks of four rows each, one block each for marijuana sales, hard drug sales, alcohol use, marijuana use, and polydrug use.’
    • ‘Perhaps the nonexchangers are a group outside of the current extended network of HIV transmission, similar to findings by others that heroin-only users were at less risk than cocaine and polydrug users.’
    • ‘In that study, women who used cocaine were significantly more likely than soft-drug users or nondrug users to be polydrug users (alcohol and marijuana) and to have a social environment with more drug use.’
    • ‘As the sample's history of injection drug use suggests, these ketamine injectors were polydrug users.’
    • ‘Nonhospital day programs for polydrug users reduces drug use, arrests, and violence at 14.6 months follow-up.’
    • ‘However, polydrug users may sometimes abuse almost any drug, including antidepressants.’
    • ‘These conclusions suggest no evidence to support the concern of some researchers that targeting tobacco cessation to polydrug users in treatment will undercut the efficacy of drug abuse treatment.’
    • ‘More specifically, use of hard drugs and polydrug use were both low; few participants reported negative consequences of alcohol and marijuana use; and the frequency of delinquent behavior was generally low as well.’
    • ‘In addition to a relatively high severity of heroin use and concomitant polydrug abuse, heroin-using young people tend to suffer from psychiatric symptoms.’
    • ‘The third measure, polydrug use, is the sum of hallucinogen, amphetamine, barbiturate, cocaine, and heroin use.’
    • ‘In fact, heroin addicts were polydrug users who combined different drugs in complex sequences of daily consumption including benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, and cannabis.’
    • ‘While most participants identified themselves as polydrug users, most had a drug of choice - one particular drug that they saw as problematic.’
    • ‘Does quitting cigarette smoking help or hurt the polydrug user in treatment for drug use?’
    • ‘The past few decades have seen considerable changes in drug-use patterns, such as increased prevalence rates for all drug use and polydrug use, increased drug use among women, and younger age of drug-use initiation.’
    • ‘Nicotine and alcohol, two predictors of intravenous route of administration use that emerged from this study, highlight the significance of polydrug use in heroin addiction.’
    • ‘For polydrug use, the odds of adult use were three times higher for adolescent hard drug sellers and marijuana users, and about twice as high for adolescent polydrug users and marijuana sellers, as for nonusers and nonsellers.’
    • ‘Hence, the presence of employment problems before first drug treatment was not used to predict polydrug use before onset of weekly use or onset of weekly use.’
    • ‘Most patients were polydrug users.’
    • ‘Thus, we defined experimentation with drugs as polydrug use before the onset of weekly drug use: our first dependent variable.’
    • ‘Seven separate regressions were run to test the contributions of individual, social, and neighborhood factors to each of the six individual 30-day drug outcomes and polydrug use.’