Definition of polyculture in English:



mass noun
  • The simultaneous cultivation or exploitation of several crops or kinds of animals.

    ‘rich pockets of polyculture’
    count noun ‘crop polycultures of legumes grown with corn give about half again the value compared to corn alone’
    • ‘Corn was planted at 53,000 plants per ha in both monoculture and polyculture.’
    • ‘It is now perfectly possible to make a viable living from vines in Chablis, whereas in the 1950s growers needed both eternal optimism and another crop, so that polyculture was common.’
    • ‘However, the seeds of this change were sown much earlier, in the transition from peasant polyculture to specialized small farming.’
    • ‘The crops grown in polyculture do not compete directly with each other for resources.’
    • ‘We have here a lesson not only in secure decentralization, but the security of polyculture, superior to the insecurity of monoculture.’