Definition of polycrystalline in English:



  • (of a metal or other solid) consisting of many crystalline parts that are randomly oriented with respect to each other.

    ‘a polycrystalline silicon wafer’
    • ‘These older style panels are made of crystalline or polycrystalline silicon modules.’
    • ‘The yield stress of iron single crystals are very sensitive to both temperature and strain rate and a similar dependence has been found for less pure polycrystalline iron.’
    • ‘In a polycrystalline metal the crack may extend for only a few grain diameters before the crack propagation changes to stage II.’
    • ‘The viscosity that governs the creep of a polycrystalline solid material, such as Earth's iron magnesium silicate mantle, is expected to be a strongly 3D function of position.’
    • ‘This polycrystalline silicon is not much use for electronics, since the flaws degrade the conductivity; but it is used, for example, to make silicon solar cells, which are the most common commercial photovoltaic devices.’