Definition of polyclinic in English:



  • A clinic (typically one independent of a hospital) where both general and specialist examinations and treatments are available to outpatients.

    • ‘Bulgaria has an extensive health-care system based around community polyclinics, with a network of general and specialized hospitals.’
    • ‘In India, this could range from private practitioners, to hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinics, alternative medical practitioners, quacks and pharmacists.’
    • ‘In the UK echocardiography is usually carried out in hospital but elsewhere it is often performed in ambulatory polyclinics or by office based cardiologists.’
    • ‘All the hospitals and polyclinics, rural health units (including village health centres), and health posts from the previous system continue to function.’
    • ‘The court also hints at a broader interpretation of non-hospital care that would include all care provided in doctors' surgeries and polyclinics (clinics providing out-patient services).’
    medical centre, health centre, outpatients' department, surgery, doctor's
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