Definition of polybag in English:



  • A bag made of polythene film.

    • ‘In areas like Tippasandra and HAL III Stage, polybags, gutkha sachets and other plastic waste clog drains and the Corporation hasn't taken action.’
    • ‘The plastic bottles discarded in the resort number 19,000, milk covers 5,500, polybags 7,151 and disposable cups 1,637.’
    • ‘The winning project by Bangalore students focused on the hazardous effects that polybags have on the environment and methods to reduce their use.’
    • ‘But each month I get a thrill just opening the polybag and a reminder of what magazines can do.’
    • ‘A circular disk of Graftskin, about 7.5 cm in diameter and 0.075 cm thick, is provided in a petri dish containing nutrient agarose and sealed in a heavy-gauge polybag gassed with 10% carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘And the schools which do not use polybags are designated ‘polybag-free schools’.’
    • ‘A tomato seedling with three or four expanded leaves and washed roots was fixed inside each polybag containing conditioned Orobanche seeds.’