Definition of polyandrous in English:



  • See polyandry

    • ‘I suspect that even fewer American men would be inclined to enter into polyandrous (one woman, many men) marriages.’
    • ‘Approximately 30 birds occupied the Triangle G lagoon, and three families from one polyandrous group (one female, two males) from 1997 were also included in our analyses.’
    • ‘The female of this species is polyandrous and may lay more than one clutch of eggs.’
    • ‘Then the hypothesis to be tested is whether differences among species in sexual dimorphism are related to the underlying genetic mating systems, perhaps with the most dimorphic species also being the most polyandrous.’
    • ‘However, different investigators have used the term ‘monogamy’ to describe both concepts, whereas in reality they are not synonymous: social monogamy can occur with monogamous, polygynous, and polyandrous mating strategies.’