Definition of polling day in English:

polling day


  • The day of a local or general election.

    ‘the run-up to polling day’
    • ‘This is a way of ensuring that voters are not unnecessarily disadvantaged when the polling day comes.’
    • ‘When polling day arrives I can't demand more time, I have to vote now.’
    • ‘They did not receive the voting pack and were told that they could not vote when they turned up at the polling station on polling day.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, over the past four decades, it has gained growing support and influence with falling turnouts on polling days.’
    • ‘On polling day, at 9 a.m. a message will flash requesting you to exercise your right to vote.’
    • ‘Even the most of critical foreign or local observers had neat note pads at the close of the polling day last night.’
    • ‘For security reasons, he has decided to stretch the ballot across four polling days, ending Oct. 10, and he's bringing in 44,000 troops.’
    • ‘The polling days should be extended, especially in Harare.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Kerry students have called for Saturday to remain the polling day for all elections in the future.’
    • ‘The member states choose their own voting systems and polling days, but no votes are counted until all the countries have voted.’
    • ‘They are also seeking a stay on the setting of a polling day pending the determination of the proceedings.’
    • ‘There was no relentless build up to their polling day, it came and went practically unnoticed.’
    • ‘And in that election, the early announcement of results had manifest effects on voting behaviour on subsequent polling days.’
    • ‘When polling day came, Labour remained the largest party but nevertheless lost six of its 56 seats.’
    • ‘As polling day approaches, the election campaign has moved into top gear.’
    • ‘However, any move to make Sunday the official polling day would be heavily opposed by many religious communities.’
    • ‘On polling day, as I said above, things were calm in Poplar and Canning Town.’
    • ‘Television channels are getting ready for the polling days.’
    • ‘The official polling day is Thursday, when traditional methods take over.’
    • ‘To hear that scathing verdict, one month before the polling day in a general election, must send a shiver down the spine of any democrat.’


polling day