Definition of political refugee in English:

political refugee


  • A refugee from an oppressive government.

    ‘we feel he is a genuine political refugee who has reason to fear persecution if he is deported’
    • ‘Most of the defendants were political refugees from Turkey.’
    • ‘However, economic migrants and political refugees, chiefly from East Asia, eastern Europe, and Africa, have taken the place of the non-white populace as objects of public concern.’
    • ‘Mario is a college worker in south London and was a political refugee from Chile in the 1970s.’
    • ‘That said, there is an obvious difference between the claims of economic and political refugees.’
    • ‘A third wave lasted from the end of World War I through the end of the Cold War and again comprised dissidents and political refugees.’
    • ‘It is a diverse diaspora composed of economic and political refugees to Europe and America, the so-called ‘blow-back’ of the ravaged landscape of the postcolonial era.’
    • ‘Were there arguments made on your behalf that the Swiss had an obligation because you were seeking refuge as political refugees?’
    • ‘For this reason the distinction between economic and political refugees is now blurred.’
    • ‘On the other hand, as with many political refugees from Soviet communism, they held a strong passion for the overthrow of communism in Estonia and maintained hope that they would someday return to their native land.’
    • ‘The newcomers (past and present) whether economic migrants or political refugees fleeing from persecution or hunger, all have one thing in common, to improve the quality of their lives.’
    • ‘During a heady era of global anticolonial ferment Canada served as a sanctuary for Third World political refugees as well as American war resisters.’
    • ‘In the context of economic crisis, helping relatives in need appears to have a stronger pull than do political incentives not to send remittances, even among political refugees.’
    • ‘I envy the political refugees from behind the Iron Curtain as they shed tears of American pride on July 4.’
    • ‘If there was a way I could revoke my Australian Citizenship today and still live in Australia I would do so immediately in protest at how the Government is treating political refugees trying to settle in Australia.’
    • ‘In contrast to the earlier immigrants, the postwar émigrés were primarily political refugees and professionals who left Bulgaria with no expectation of returning.’
    • ‘A small number of refugees were sent home as they did not qualify as political refugees and for resettlement in other countries, but were only economic migrants.’
    • ‘There were many veterans of the Spanish Civil War who, having escaped from Spain after Franco's victory, had been interned in France - in particular many Germans, political refugees from Hitler.’
    • ‘Under the legislation, the determination of who is deemed to be a political refugee - that is someone fleeing the danger of persecution - is to be made in 72 hours, rather than as at present over a period of six months.’
    • ‘Is economic crisis more important than the length of time away from home and political ideology, factors that have proved important in studies of international migrants and of political refugees, in particular?’
    • ‘Secondly, the attempt to draw an absolute distinction between economic and political refugees is impossible, given the complex interaction between the two factors.’