Definition of political commissar in English:

political commissar


  • A person responsible for political education and organization in a military unit in China.

    • ‘By chance, the political commissar had gone to out on field exercise with the troops and his wife had locked up the house and gone back to her hometown for a glorious visit to her family there.’
    • ‘Some of the political commissars would leap up and grab us by the hair and try to pull our head down, but I think we made it through that rather terrifying march because people were trying to take us away from the guards.’
    • ‘The 1st Army was deprived of most of its Communist political commissars.’
    • ‘Our political commissars personally talked with some officer prisoners who were from the West Point, telling them not to set themselves against China because the Chinese and American peoples were friends.’
    • ‘I am indeed considered by both these persons as their political commissar and therefore in a position to comment objectively of their present status and involvements.’
    • ‘In 1982 he was appointed army political commissar and deputy commander of MK.’
    • ‘Second, Russ names Army cowards while knowingly concealing the identity of cowardly enlisted and commissioned Marines, the political commissar's and propagandist's method.’
    • ‘First, none of the top party leaders has any military background or connections, whereas none of the senior military commanders and political commissars has any experience in party politics.’
    • ‘The slow-motion coup d' état which placed the state under the full authority of political commissars was the end of a process they had begun themselves with their platoons of special advisers.’
    • ‘The Communist Party also accepted the need to give the Red Army greater flexibility in fighting the war, and in the autumn of 1942 scaled down the role of political commissars attached to the armed forces.’
    • ‘For this reason, each ‘military specialist’ was supervised by a political commissar, which meant that units were managed by the dual leadership of commander and commissar.’
    • ‘Johnson prefers the largeness of our history to the brutal, narrow, boring charge sheets drawn up by political commissars past and present.’
    • ‘Gen. Wang Yufa, political commissar of the PLA garrison in Hong Kong, as saying it is possible to include Hong Kong into an air defense zone since it is part of China.’
    • ‘The whole mess would be simply trivial if it weren't true that wherever political commissars are put in place to regulate the academic debate, the debate tends to suffer.’
    • ‘Recently, he had rehabilitated the long-prohibited word ‘officer’ and authorized several medals for officers only; and he was preparing to relieve the officers from subordination to political commissars.’